Spumante Pulein from Cortese grapes

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Spumante Pulein from Cortese grapes


Data Sheet

VINEYARD AREA Municipality of Tassarolo
SOIL Calcareous, clayey, tuffaceous
CULTIVATION TECHNIQUE Counter-espalier training, Guyot pruning. Plowing and milling of the soil. Anti-cryptogamic treatments targeted in case of need.
VINIFICATION TECHNIQUE Soft pressing of the grapes, fermentation at a controlled temperature.
Refermentation in the bottle. Sur lies aging for at least 36 months.
TREATMENTS MADE Natural decantation and subsequent decantations. Refrigeration at -3 ° C in temperature-controlled container. Final filtration before bottling.

Organoleptic Sheet

COLOR AND APPERENCE Soft straw yellow
AROMA Floral, fresh, intense and with hints of yeast and bread crust
TASTE Well balanced, with good acidity and body
SENSORY PROFILE Recognized flavors: acacia, citrus fruits, bread crust.
Taste aspects: Full-bodied and refreshing on the palate, good acidity, citrus notes


GASTRONOMIC COMBINATIONS Starters, pasta and fish first courses, dry pastries
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Video Sommelier Spumante Pulein Tasting


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