Data Sheet

GRAPE 100% Cortese
VINEYARDS AREAS Tassarolo – Piedmont
GROUND Calcareous, clay, tuff
CULTIVATION TECHNIQUE Pruning Guyot. Tillage and milling of ground. Treatments targeted fungicides if necessary
WINE-MAKING TECHNIQUE Direct pressing of the grapes. Fermentation in tank thermocontrolled by yeasts.
TREATMENTS CARRIED OUT Natural sedimentation and subsequent decanting. Cooling to -5°C in a container at controlled temperature. Final filtration before bottling.

Organoleptic sheet

COLOR AND APPEAREANCE Light straw yellow with green tints.
NOSE Delicate, fresh and fragrant.
SENSORY Harmonic. Good acidity and savoriness.
FLAVOR PROFILE Aromas recognized: acacia flowers, hawthorn, green apple.
GUSTATORY ASPECTS Marked acidity pleasant and persistent sapidity. Pleasant aftertaste of apricot and peach.


SERVING SUGGESTIONS Cocktails, appetizers, sea-food, soups, fresh cheese.