Data Sheet

GRAPE VARIETY Mix of Barbera and Dolcetto
VINEYARD AREA Municipality of Tassarolo
SOIL Calcareous, clayey, tuffaceous
CULTIVATION TECHNIQUE Counter-espalier training, Guyot pruning. Plowing and milling of the soil. Targeted anti-cryptogamic treatments in case of need.
VINIFICATION TECHNIQUE De-stemming, fermentation at controlled temperature, 6 days of maceration.
TREATMENTS MADE Natural decantation and subsequent decantations. Refrigeration at -3 ° C in a temperature-controlled container. Final filtration before bottling.

Organoleptic Sheet

COLOR AND APPEREANCE Intense ruby red.
AROMA Ripe fruit, evident hints of red fruits, slightly spicy
FLAVOR Full-bodied, velvety, excellent structure and balanced tannins
SENSORY PROFILE Recognized Aromas: cherry and berries
Taste aspects: long persistence


GASTRONOMIC COMBINATIONS A full meal wine, suitable for white and red meats